Puppet Master

The story begins as four psychics are summoned telepathically to the old Bodega Hotel by their partner, Gallagher (Jimmie Skaggs). For years, they have been chasing rumors  that a puppet master named Toulon had uncovered the "secret of life". As the four arrive, they find Gallagher has killed himself. Confused and a little suspicious, they decide to search the hotel for the puppet master's secret. One by one, the party is eliminated  by the puppet master's creations: Blade, Pinhead, Tunneler, Leach Woman, and Jester.  But why???

The end comes as Gallagher back from the dead reveals that he has succeeded in finding Toulon's secret of life and in fact   is living proof. No longer needing the puppets, he turns his back on them. Betrayed by their new master, the toys seek their unmerciful revenge.

Puppet Master


One of the most original and imaginative horror films of the late 80's. This was one of Full Moon's first breakthrough films and has spawn 5 sequels with rumored series called "Puppet Wars" (The Puppets vs. Demonic Toys) coming in the near future. I also want to take  this time to ask the fans to continue supporting everything Full Moon does, because they are one of the few studios showing a dedication to the genre. Way to go Full Moon ...keep it up!!!!



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