Soundtrack CD Review: THE BLACK HOLE
 By Jonathan Stryker

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Source: Screen Archives Entertainment

Sep 1, 2011, 1:0 PM

Soundtrack CD Review: THE BLACK HOLE

by Jonathan Stryker

THE BLACK HOLE was one of my favorite films when I was eleven years-old.  I remember being utterly enthralled by the film's special effects and enjoyed the camaraderie among the lead performers and the robots.  In addition to the outstanding special effects, John Barry's gorgeous film score made the film even more memorable for me.  The soundtrack album that was released at the time only contained roughly half an hour of the film's music at best.  Finally, after thirty-two years, the film's complete soundtrack has finally been released on compact disc, appearing in the correct film-order, mastered from the film's original 32-track digital masters stored in Walt Disney's vaults. 

The CD has been released as joint venture between Disney and Intrada, the phenomenal soundtrack album company that has given us so many sterling special editions over the last twenty-five years.   

The accompanying booklet contains liner notes containing the fascinating story of why this release was such a long time in the making, mostly due to having to locate long-obsolete digital machines.  The booklet also contains the film's original campaign artwork, production stills, full-color shots of composer Barry at the recording sessions in addition to notes by soundtrack expert Jeff Bond.  I have provided two shots of the first four pages of the booklet below: 

The CD's tracks are as follows:

01. Overture (2:28)
02. Main Title (1:49)
03. That's It (1:43)*
04. Closer Look (2:02)**
05. Zero Gravity (5:48)
06. Cygnus Floating (2:06)*
07. The Door Opens (4:09)**
08. Pretty Busy (:48)*
09. Six Robots (1:57)
10. Can You Speak? (1:19)*
11. Poor Creatures (1:41)*
12. Ready to Embark (:44)*
13. Start the Countdown (3:47)

14. Durant Is Dead (2:31)
15. Laser (1:01)*
16. Kate's O.K. (2:49)
17. Hot and Heavy (2:43)*
18. Meteorites (1:31)*
19. Raging Inferno (:54)*
20. Hotter and Heavier (1:59)*
21. Bob and V.I.N.C.E.N.T. (:54)*
22. Into the Hole (4:56)**
23. End Title (2:34)

24. In, Through... And Beyond! (2:46)

* Previously Unreleased
** Includes additional material not used in the film

Total Disc Time: 55:05

The music sounds stunning in this new CD release.  Even if you're not a fan of the film itself, the disc is worth owning as it's a glorious example of the stunning orchestral scores that were so prevalent in motion pictures way back when. 

The CD can be purchased here from the fine folks at Screen Archives Entertainment.


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