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Blu-ray Review: SILENT NIGHT
Dec 2, 2012 - 8:04:33 AM

Ah, tis the season.  Home made cookies and candies, the tree in the corner, a light snow falling out side and Santa with his wood chipper.


Yeah, brings a tear to my eye.


The mashing up of horror and the Holiday season has never really been a big hit.  Sure, you've got the original Black Christmas but really, what else is a genre fan to do when they want a little blood on the tinsel?


This season there is an answer to that age-old question.  SILENT NIGHT hits home video this coming week and not a day to soon.  A loose and let me stress, loose remake of the original (dare I say it) classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT this one has found the sweet spot of being the gore hounds perfect Christmas gift. 


Following the slasher formula from the good old days SILENT NIGHT weaves the tale of a psycho Santa that has taken things into his own hands and is handing out more than just a hunk of coal to those he has deemed naughty.  From its brutal opening scene to the last frame SILENT NIGHT is a non-stop, blood filled assault on the viewer.  No punches are pulled, nothing left to the imagination.  This is a balls out slasher flick.  The killer just happens to be dressed like Santa. 


Malcolm McDowell stars as the sheriff of a small town preparing for the big Christmas parade.  Problem is, wacko Santa is on the loose and dead bodies are showing up everywhere.  Since it's a Christmas parade there are more than a few Santa's running around and McDowell and his crew of deputies are having a hard time nailing down exactly which jolly old elf is the axe wielding one.


While they figure it out the body count skyrockets and horror fans are treated to a barrage of some of the more vile and violent kills in recent genre fare.  Director Steven C. Miller shows a deft hand in dishing out the creepy and throws in just the right amount of black comedy to keep you riveted to the screen.  The blood flows freely with the wood chipper scene being one that this reviewer will have a hard tome forgetting.


Crazy stuff and a film I find myself happy to recommend you pick up at your earliest convenience.  Anchor Bay is releasing it as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack while the special features are a bit on the weak side there is a nice little behind the scenes feature that I found to be quite enjoyable.  Would have love to have seen and heard a little more for those involved but what is offered is still pretty damn fine.


Settle in horror fans it's going to be a long winter and now at least we all have something to put in the Blu-ray player to make the season bright, bright red that is!


SILENT NIGHT hits store shelves on Tuesday Dec. 4th.  Ask Santa for a copy when you see him at the mall.

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