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Short Film JACK ATTACK Premieres May 20th
By Jonathan Stryker (Facebook); Jonathan Stryker (Twitter)
May 18, 2013 - 7:00:00 AM

Bryan Norton, the director of the short film TOMORROW'S BACON and the award-winning PENNY DREADFUL, will be premiering the new Halloween holiday-themed short film JACK ATTACK on Monday, May 20th, which he co-wrote and co-directed with Antonio Padovan.  The film will be screened at 5:00 p.m. at Manhattan's Clearview Chelsea Cinemas (260 West 23rd Street, just off 8th Avenue).  Audience members are instructed to go to the theater, where they will then be directed to the show where the cast and crew will be in attendance. There will also be a Halloween-themed reception taking place following the movie.

JACK ATTACK was produced by Joe Zaso (best known for Timo Rose's BARRICADE) and Lucia Bellini and stars Helen Rogers (V/H/S) as a young woman who gets far more than she bargained for when she babysits a boy named Jack (Tyler Rossell) and his little dog on Halloween night.

JACK ATTACK is the ultimate trick disguised as a treat. A gut-wrenching spin on Halloween and baby-sitting - you'll never look at pumpkin seeds the same way again…

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