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Paracinema Magazine Issue #18 Now Available
By Jonathan Stryker
Jan 1, 2013 - 12:00:00 PM

Paracinema Magazine is a beautiful publication on genre films that is published four times a year.  Marketed as "The film magazine for people who love genre movies," its breadth is wide-ranging in its love of independent and foreign cinema.  Since the autumn of 2007, it has amassed an impressive array of articles and interviews that cover cult cinema from many different genres; its associated website also features a blog with thought-provoking impressions on films of all decades.  Paracinema differentiates itself from other publications by offering up eye-catching covers and articles from self-professed film fanatics who, like all of us, were affected by certain movies at a young and impressionable age.   In an age when most publications are struggling to survive in print format, Paracinema exists nicely in a niche market of movie mags. 

Issue #18, shown below, is the current issue and it features articles on THE DARK CRYSTAL, the cult television favorite THE BERMUDA DEPTHS, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, and SPEED RACER to name a few. 

The best way to support the magazine is to subscribe to it.  You can also visit Paracinema's website, Paracinema's Facebook page, Paracinema's Twitter page, and Paracinema's Tumblr page. 

Below are some of the most recent issues that Cinema Retro has published:

Overall, a gorgeous publication!

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