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Cinema Retro Magazine Now Entering Its Ninth Year of Publication
By Jonathan Stryker (Facebook); Jonathan Stryker (Twitter)
Nov 25, 2012 - 11:50:41 AM

Issue #25

Cinema Retro is a beautiful publication from the UK that is published three times a year.  Now beginning its ninth year with issue #25, it has amassed an impressive array of articles and interviews that primarily cover cinema from 1960 to 1979, although its website reports on television and films of all decades.  Cinema Retro sets itself apart by publishing rare, on-the-set images of well-known films and overlooked gems from years gone by. 

Issue #25 features a major cover story on the Hammer Horror films and will be shipping to US subscribers in January 2013.  Subscriptions to Cinema Retro are a great way to ensure that you don't miss a single issue.  Yearly subscriptions cost $36.00 per year and can be purchased here. 

A good number of back issues are also available through the website.  Genre fans will be pleased to see lengthy articles on Christopher Lee, NIGHT OF THE DEMON, 007, RACE WITH THE DEVIL, Caroline Munro, JAWS, THE SENTINEL, Ray Harryhausen, Joe Turkel, Robert Wise, THE HAUNTING, PSYCHO's 50th Anniversary, THE EXORCIST, and THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM to name a few. 

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